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Personal training sessions are a great way to introduce you to the fundamental movements of CrossFit before joining the group classes. They can also help to radically increase your fitness progress. By working in a one-on-one environment a CrossFit trainer can assess all aspects of your fitness and prioritise areas in which you need work. A specific training program will be designed for you which will focus on your personal goals. You will also receive dietary advice and meal plans as we feel this is equally as important as the training, for your energy, recovery, weight loss and health!

Why choose Personal Training?

There are a number of possible reasons for choosing personal training over the CrossFit group classes. Personal training is the best choice when:

1. Your goals are very specific, such as preparing for a particular competitive event

2. You have no previous exercise experience and have been largely sedentary

3. You have certain biomechanical problems or injuries

4. You prefer or require the privacy, personal attention and additional accountability of one-on-one training

5. You are looking to work on specific skills, eg. weightlifting, or require individualized training.


We offer casual personal training sessions and also 10 session packages:

- Personal Training $75/hour (One-on-One)
- 10 session pack One person: $700 ($70/session)*
- 10 session pack Two people: $550 each ($55/session) *

* 10 session packs have a 3 month expiry

Personal training sessions are generally available Monday – Friday and on Saturdays in between ourclasstime table.

To begin working with a personal trainer please call us on 0400 471 474 or get in touch via the form on the contact us page.


Personal training sessions are paid in advance either upfront in full with CASH, EFTPOS or CREDIT CARD, or weekly/fortnightly/monthly via DIRECT DEBIT. Please give 24 hours notice if you must cancel and reschedule a personal training appointment. You may be charged for each appointment missed without 24 hour advance cancellation. Personal training fees are not refundable, redeemable or transferable.

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