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Mid Mountains CrossFit is a CrossFit Kids Affiliate. All our kids classes are specifically designed for their age and development.


We are an Active Kids provider. To apply for a $100 voucher which can be used towards our CrossFit Teens program, go to:

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Mid Mountains Mountaineers (5 – 12 years)

WHEN: Thursdays at 4:30pm during school term.
AGES: 5 – 12 years
COST: $18 per child per session or $150 for the 10 week term, 1 class a week.

.Classes go for 45mins and numbers are capped at 16 per class.

Benefits Of The Program:

• Children develop new skills such as how to lift correctly and safely, how to climb a rope, gymnastics, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination and strength.

• Promotes teamwork, communication and social interaction.

• Fun, challenging and motivating environment.

• Builds confidence.

• Excellent cross-training for other sports.

• Helps them grow up healthy, strong and have a life long love of exercise, thus avoiding the common problems associated with childhood inactivity and obesity.

Classes Go For 45 Min and Typically Run As Follows

Warm-up, Stretching and Mobility 10 mins

Movements and Skills Practice 10 mins

Workout 10 mins

Game 10 mins

Warm-down 5 mins

For all inquiries please call us on 0400 471 474 or get in touch via the form on the contact us page.

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